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We buy gold, silver and platinum jewellery, dental gold, old gold. P3M Refining Ltd., the gold buyer of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will P3M Refining buy?

A:  Below you can find a list of some of the items we buy

  • gold, silver and platinum coins and medals
  • gold, silver and platinum necklaces, charms, lockets
  • 8k to 24k gold
  • .800 to pure silver
  • .800 to pure platinum
  • gold, silver and platinum bracelets, bangles
  • gold, silver and platinum (service) pins and brooches
  • class rings, cocktail rings, wedding bands, cluster rings
  • bent, scrap or broken jewellery
  • items missing gem stones
  • unmatched gold, silver and platinum earrings
  • scrap dental gold

For more information check out our what we buy page.

Q: What will you NOT buy?

A:  Below you can find a list of some of the items we don't buy

  • stolen items
  • ancient artifacts
  • non precious metals (items containing neither gold, silver nor platinum)
  • plastic
  • pearls
  • gold plated items
  • costume jewellery

Q: What do yo pay?

A:  We base our prices on weight and purity of actual gold content, and they will fluctuate with the world's gold markets. The higher the actual gold content of the item, the higher the value.
Please have a look at our Payment Estimator. That should help you with answering that question.

Q: Why are your payouts higher than a jewellery store or pawn shop?

A:  Because we assay and refine our own metals and do not use any subcontractors or middle-men, we can afford to pay you top dollar for your items. On top of that we keep the overhead low by not spending your gold on "free" return envelopes - this means all the money can go straight back to you as a higher payout than our competitors.
Please have a look at our Payment Estimator. That should help you with answering that question.

Q: Is My Express Return Envelope free?

A:  No, but you only have to pay for the shipping and the amount of insurance that you wish. Best payouts in the industry are only posssible because we keep our overhead low. A lot of our competitors have free return envelopes, but they cannot pay as much as we do, because in essence they have you pay extra for every return envelope they do not get back from another customer.

Q: What if the Express Return Envelope containing my items get lost?

A:  Your items are insured while traveling via Canada Post.
The included insurance amount per Express Return Envelope is $100.00 as described in our Terms and Conditions. Higher insurance up to $5000.00 is available. If your items are lost only Canada Post or its insurance company resprectively will be liable and reimburse you.
Please keep in mind that if you choose to not use our Express Return Envelope but to ship your material yourself you also have to make sure you insure it on your own.

Q: What if I am unhappy with your quote and want my items back?

A:  If you are not happy with our offer, please give us a call or inform us via email. Your items will be returned at your expense via Canada Post within 15 business days of receiving the shipping fee payment from you. Regular Canada Post charges apply.
Again saving costs allows us to pay top dollar for your gold, besides our payment estimator should provide you with a good idea of your payout prior to sending your material, provided you know the weights and karats of your gold. (see below)

Q: How can I tell if my item is real gold?

A:  On most gold items, you will see a stampings.
They are ausually stamped in an inconspicuous area. You might find 8kt, 9kt, 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt, 24kt or European markings such as .800 to identify the gold content. On older items the stampings may have worn off. Sometimes the stamping may be incorrect. In this case your items would need to be tested with a precious metal tester. P3M Refining will determine the gold content at its laboratory using the latest precious metal testing technology and certified scales.

Q: Is there a way for me to tell if my item is gold plated?

A:  Gold plated or gold-filled items will most likely have a GP or GF stamped next to a number.
You may also see markings like GE, GS, RPG, EPNS, or HGE, these indicate other forms of gold plating and we do NOT purchase these items.
You may also see a different colour metal under the gold plate if the item is old or has seen wear. If you are still unsure you may send the items in for an assessment, however please do not send items that you know are costume jewellery, gold plated or gold filled.

Q: item contains diamonds or gemstones, will you buy these, too?

A:  We accept items with diamonds gemstones however we do not pay for these stones.
The weight of the stones is deducted from the gross weight of the item to determine the net gold weight; from there we determine the actual gold content of the item for value determination. Diamonds for example burn off at temp greater then 750°C when gold is melted, just like a piece of very expensive coke.

Q: How do I keep track of my gold, silver or platinum items?

A:  Please use Canada Post's tracking site.

Q: I paid $400.00 for my ring. I should expect your offer to be about $400.00, right?

A:  Retail stores mark up jewellery five, 10 and even 20 times or more. We pay for the "melt value" of your jewellery - that is, the value of the gold itself once it has been melted down and refined. We cannot consider craftsmanship when assessing value of your precious metal items.

Areas we serve

P3M Refining Ltd. is based in Barrie, Ontario and we are a 100% Canadian owned and operated Company. Of course Ontario is not the only area we serve. We hope to be the platinum, silver & gold buyer of your choice in all of the following Canadian areas.

Newfoundland and Labrador NL, Nova Scotia NS, Prince Edward Island PEI, New Brunswick NB, Quebec QC (Eastern, Western & Northern), Metropolitan Montreal, Ontario ON (Eastern, Central, Southwestern, Northern), Metropolitan Toronto, Manitoba MB, Saskatchewan SK, Alberta AB, British Columbia BC, Nunavut and the North West Territories NT, Yukon YT