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We buy gold, silver and platinum jewellery, dental gold, old gold. P3M Refining Ltd., the gold buyer of your choice.
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  1. Search for items containing precious metals
  2. Sort your material by content
  3. Weigh sorted material seperately
  4. Fill out our payment estimator and submit the form - (direct link to Estimator)
  5. Prepare material and print PDF - (direct link to PDF)
  6. Bring your envelope to a Canada post office and send it to us using a trackable option. - (direct link to Canada Post Tracking)
  7. Provide us with the tracking number via email to
  8. We receive & test your material and provide you with a quote
  9. We process your material and pay you via your chosen method
Canada Post Tracking
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For additional info write an email to or give us a call at (NEW) PHONE# COMING UP
How It Works - Self Shipping
  1. Search for your old, unwanted jewellery, coins, bars, scrap gold, scrap silver or scrap platinum. We will accept pretty much anything that consists of real (not plated) gold (8k - 24k), silver (800-999) or platinum (800-999) as well as a variety of gold and silver coins. However, we do not accept 'gold plated' items, so please do not ship jewellery that contains the following markings: GE or GF - Gold Filled; RGP - Rolled Gold Plate; HGE - Heavy Gold Plate; GS - Gold Shell; GP - Gold Plate; EPNS - Electroplated Nickel Silver.
    Please note: We also do not buy gemstones, so they are not included into the weight of your items. We recommend to remove them prior to shipping if you want to keep them.
  2. Sort your material by precious metals gold content (e.g. put all pieces of 14k jewellery together in one bag and all pieces of 18k jewellery into another bag).
  3. Weigh the different kinds of jewellery (e.g. all 14k pieces together and all 18 k pieces together) on a precision scale (1g resolution or better), note down the weights of each kind (e.g. 32.5 g of 14k gold, 12.2 g of 18k gold).
  4. Go to the payment estimator on our homepage. Enter the current gold, silver and platinum prices in the 'Precious metals prices' section on our estimator. We have included a link to kitco there that displays the current gold, silver and platinum prices for your convenience.
    • Enter the quality (karat) and weight of your material into the respective section of the estimator (e.g. "Items containing gold").
    • Enter your contact information under 'Your contact info' in the payment estimator.
    • Select 'I want to ship the items on my own' under Shipping options. Print out / read the PDF document with additional information on self-shipping. This document also contains our mailing address.
    • Finally, you'll select your preferred method of payment under 'Payment options'.
      You have 5 choices here:
      • Cheque (no additional fees, you'll get a cheque send to you by mail)
      • Email money transfer (no additional fees, well contact you to obtain your banking information and transfer the money to your bank account electronically)
      • Wire Transfer (40 $ banking fee, we'll contact you to get your banking information and wire the money into your account directly)
      • Paypal (3% paypal fee, we'll transfer the funds into your paypal account.)
      • Fine metal return (5% premium, we will send you a minted bar of the physical metal, the 5% premium being deducted from the metal weight (e.g. if you send us gold jewellery containing 100g of fine gold, we'll return 95g of minted gold bar(s) to you)
    Read our terms and conditions and check the box 'I certify that I am over the age of 21 and agree to the Terms & Conditions'. Then click the submit button.
    You'll get a summary of the data you submitted displayed together with the estimated payout based on the data you provided and you may print this statement and keep it for your records. You can also use your submission number to provide us a feedback through our testimonials section once the transaction is completed to show us and other customers if you were happy with our service.
  5. We recommend to put each of your materials (silver, gold & platinum items separately) into a re-sealable ziplock bag and place the bags in a bubble-wrap envelope. Fill in your personal contact / banking information as well as a description of your material into the form on the PDF document with additional shipping information that you printed out under section 4.) and enclose it in the envelope. Seal the envelope.
  6. Bring the envelope to the nearest Canada post office and send it to:

    Please don't send any packages
    to the old address.

    Please use 'Xpresspost' or any other trackable option for shipment. This will provide you with a tracking number that you can use to track your shipment via the Canada Post Tracking website. If you are using 'Xpresspost' there is shipping insurance of 100$ included and you can buy extra insurance if you feel the need.
  7. Please provide us the tracking number of your package via Email to so we can keep track of your shipment as well and ensure prompt reception and processing.
  8. Once we receive your gold, silver or platinum material, we take a picture of your package and its contents that will serve as a record in case there are any discrepancies between what you put in the package and what we took out of it. We then list, weigh and test your precious metal containing items in our in house assaying lab and provide you with a quote via phone or email.
  9. If you are satisfied with our quote, we'll process your material within 1 business day and pay you via your chosen method of payment within 1 business day.